Things that piss me off 6.

hey everyone i'm back. 

So today the thing that pisses me off is simple.  bitches who lie and get media coverage, only to get found out months later.

I don't know if anyone has heard of her name, but Desiree Jennings was featured on a video here at ebw back in 2009.  he story said that after she received a flu shot she came down with a disease known as dystonia.  a non curable disease. 

Later she was followed for a week by inside edition camera crews that caught her walking normally and driving a car.  She was caught faking.  it was later found out she was being paid by an anti vaccine group to be their poster girl.

Or what about the story of Kimberley Vlaeminck, who cleaimed she fell asleep in a tattoo artists chair and woke up with 56 stars tattooed on her face?  She went on to make headlines and even tried taking the tattoo artist to court.  Why did she do this?  she claimed she only wanted 3 stars o her face.

It was later discovered that she lied because her father was angry at the amount of stars she had gotten.  so she fabricated a story and gained national attention.  how bad did it get?  So bad that the tattoo artist offered to pay half of the cost for laser removal.

She went on to later admit she lied because her father had been furious with her tattoos. 

it's people like this that piss me off.  they get media attention and we later find out they're lying sacks of shit.  Yet somehow people still believe their stories.
Uploaded 04/02/2011
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