You watch a movie.

You read a book.

You hear a story.

Whichever you choose, you are introduced to new ideas. These ideas are presented to you in order for you to infer their meaning and make decisions about your own ideals and how these points of view may affect them. Often, people take ideas presented to them and water them down, so as not to become too drunk on the idea itself so that the fabric of their reality isn't too shaken to accept this new way of thinking. Not often enough, however, do people genuinely accept the idea as an idea, ponder on it, and think about how it may dye their pre-sewn fabric, in order to better suit their life and make things more comfortable for them. Maybe even only to make things more sensible to them.

To change their life for the better, people must take a step backward and look at the world without themselves, as it would be if they were absent.

People have to look at the big picture.
But they don't want to. They would rather simply accept that others think the way that others think, and – according to the rules of the free world – they have the right to do as they wish, and to believe as they feel they should believe.

This rigorous process of listening and ignoring – often referred to as ignorance – is simply the easiest way out. It requires the lowest level of thinking (none, whatsoever) and therefore is, understandably, the chosen method by those who would rather ignore.

Then there are those who hear ideas and become so convinced that the ideas they hear are the best possible ideas, that they feel they must enforce these ideas in their everyday life. Ideas such as subscribing to no known religion – a.k.a., atheism – are understood by some and then the few who understand these ideas attempt to force them upon others because they believe that the others who believe things that are different are misguided or wrong. Arguments arise, and then people who claim to be peaceful seem arrogant and violent.

"Mankind must put an end to War, or War will put an end to Mankind."

-Sun Tsu

This quote is not exclusive to warfare such as that between nations. It applies to all conflicts. Some will read this and not know who Sun Tsu is, calling me over-intelligent and high in myself. I will admit that the idea of posting something that you wish to be read by intellectuals on a website such as this seems rather asinine. However, the faith that I have in humanity requires me to put forth my ideas in the hope that they will be seen by one person who accepts them as simply ideas for consideration. I now am reminded of my original point– that ideas put forth are meant to be thought about and pondered on, not forced upon others. However, I reach a dilemma in that I cannot force this idea on you, the random reader, because that would be utterly hypocritical of me and would thus completely defeat the purpose of this post.

So I ask merely this: read this over once more, allow it to sink in, and think about the ways that you handle the ideas of others from this day forward. If you're not catching on yet, then I apologize for wasting the little bit of your life that It took for you to read this. Please continue – I'm sure that you're enjoying it, not questioning a thing about it and, as such, not truly understanding it. But, from where you stand, the point is moot.

Have fun.

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