This Comment Wouldn't Post. So I Blogged it.

Tom, I am torn. My introduction to the blog clearly states my suspicion as to the credibility of the reports. I simply offered them as past examples of news stories provided by various sources in regards to Osama's capture and death. My introduction makes that obvious... "There has been some confusion on past stories on Osama Bin Laden's capture and possible deaths. Here are a few I have found with sources. Yes, they are questionable, but so is everything these days".

 You choose to attack Alex Jones because it was the most vulnerable point. You dismiss all the reports I provided by association to Alex Jones. You dismiss his observations and those of his guests as "batshit" because they are paranoid crazy people. Well, Tom let me tell you something about crazy, paranoid, schizophrenic people as a person who has dealt with them all his life. They are the most brutally honest, truthful people you can ever possibly know.

 They see and say things that few have the courage to say. Crazy people will never knowingly lie to you, they continuously reach out looking for honest souls. Tom, to reduce my blog and it's meaning to some selective video frames of Alex Jones, totally disregarding 90% of the content is disingenuous on your part.

Uploaded 05/17/2011
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