This is when your day cant get any worse

Well this is a story one of my friends told me of what happened on a day of his job as an EMT.  So he tells me that he gets a call about a minor car accident and he an his partner were like its probably people who just stay there and are like i dont think i need to go to the hospital.  so he was expecting it to be pretty dull upon arrival he seen the two cars and there was barely any damage and it was a tiny fender bender. so now he is pissed but when he gets to one car he notices a lady in the passenger seat face covered in blood and freaking out and the driver he is knocked out with his head on the steering wheel.  so now my friend is like what the hell happened. so the lady tells him that while her and her boyfriend were driving she was giving him a blowjob and when they hit the car she accidentaly bit his dick off. 

Uploaded 09/11/2008
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