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I went to the pain clinic the other day and the doctor gave me some pain medications.  They were stronger that what I needed, so I cut the dosage in half.  Even so, I'm still dizzy from the medication.  Part of it might be the virus that my mom brought home from the hospital.

When my mom went to visit my niece that the hospital, she picked up a three day virus that feels like the flu.  I'm on the second day of it and it's making me feel pretty miserable.  The symptoms are cough, sore throat, achy everything, congested lungs, and bowel pain.  It's very difficult for me to read or write anything of length at present.  The rain that we've been getting has caused some additional pain, but I'm not going to complain about that because we need it so badly.  Speaking of additional pain...

I'm appalled by the hypocrisy of President Obama and Rick Perry to name a couple representatives.  I could probably include the rest of the Republican Party and a some of the Democrats as well while I'm at it.  Increased anxiety due to not knowing if we're going to receive our Social Security payments is a pain in the posterior for me and even worse for others.  The spiritual blackmailing of people over a "Day of Prayer" hosted by the ultra conservative American Family Association and claims that anyone who don't support it aren't Christian is an insult to many Christians who behave in a much more Christ-like manner.  Even so, after pushing their anti-gay agenda, Perry is defending New York's gay marriage legislation saying it is their right as a state.  Politicians are known for saying one thing and doing another, but I don't believe it has been quite this bad at any other point in my lifetime.  I could be wrong, though.

On a lighter subject, the garden is growing pretty well.  We removed some of the tomato plants from there and transplanted them along the fence in the front yard.  Now the tomato plants in the garden should have enough room to grow properly.

The kittens are as large as their mother now, but they still want to nurse.  I break them up every time I see them nursing, but she keeps encouraging them to nurse rather than trying to break them herself.  The area around her nipples is raw from their teeth and I fear they'll get infected if we don't get them broken soon.  The cats seem to have decided to sleep a lot during the day for the sole purpose of playing on me around 3-4am.  I know it's a plot!  haha

I've been letting Crypto in for a few hours during the hottest part of the day.  He and the cats have an occasional spat, but for the most part, they get along pretty well.  He's doing fine, though, as long as I keep him out of my bedroom.  I've been thinking of placing an armed guard at the door while I'm on the computer.

After receiving the $600+ water bill, we received a $127 garbage bill.  This is on a bill that comes directly out of my mom's bank account.  It seems that the utility companies are going mad with greed.  It's we seniors who are on Social Security who are wrecking the economy, though!

Everything else in my life is in limbo for the time being.  I'll have to see how things play out before that changes.  The only thing that has been stable in my life has been God.  If that statement offends you, I guess you can think of it as "self" or however else you perceive things.
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