this ones for me not you

When you are born your so pure so peaceful so easy to pleased just love me, feed me, and hold me and im fine. No im not perfect. No one is. But, to be told some of the things i have been told here is just flat out not acceptable. Its things people should not say to one another even if to them its the honest opinion. You dont try to hurt someone to make them go away. You dont try to make them feel ugly fat and discusting. If you took 5 min. to get to know me then you might actually say "hey shes cool" but no you base who i am off my looks and pictures and blogs and you judge me for having a baby at 19 and getting married to someone ive known all my life. But, why do i sit here and let you talk me down this way? I shouldnt, but i have been. And i will admit to you that ya somethings you say get to me. Like calling out my family esp. my four month old son who didnt do anything to you. I could sit here and tell you all off but then you would just criticize me more. I am not fat for those of you who think i am or dont know what i look like. I am 5 foot 134 pounds now and i feel awesome about that just having a baby. A lot of women gain 70 to 100 pounds i started out at 5 foot and weighing 117 i looked good. And thats what matters. I didnt come here for attention or to feel accepted or sexy. I CAME HERE JUST FOR ME AND TO MEET FRIENDS and GET A PRIZE. I didnt know you all were so mean and so rude. I didnt know that you would take it as far as judging me by pictures in a bra and skirt like pantys. Im not perfectly skinny and thats ok. Thats ok for me. Im losing the weight and i feel good about that. But you honestly dont know anything about having a baby if you can call me fat and ugly because thats not true maybe its what you think but if you have a negative feeling about me then just dont talk to me just leave me alone because all your going to do is hurt me. and you may not care about that but what if all these people on here were doing that to you? how would you feel? why do you seem like every woman that isnt dark tanned, 100 pounds 5 foot 5 and wears too much make up why is that perfect to you? you dont know who i am. I am a nice person. I am going to school to be a LPN & help people. But, the way you all have done me i am sorry to say but i would want to help you. You have treated me like crap and made me feel bad about my self when really what you think DOESNT MATTER!.

Uploaded 04/20/2011
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