This past weekend.

So this past weekend was a good one!!  I am sorry to all that have missed me while I was not on here..I just hope you all forgive me.  So I am off work on sundays and mondays, so monday night I get a call about a girl that my wife and I know that is only 16 years old and is in the hospital about to have her baby 2 and a half months early...well no one, not even her family was answering there phones and she had no one there to be with her, so my wife and I went and sat with her untill about 4am untill her sister finally showed up.  Her sister never heard her phone ringing so I guess thats ok, but I had to miss work because of it and now later this week I am going to have to work 16 hours to make up for the work that was missed!! 

But I have missed you all, and I am glad I am able to be back on here to blog with all of you!!

*EDIT*  I forgot to tell you all that she ended up not having to have her baby, they gave her something to hopfully have it when it's due.

Uploaded 07/23/2008
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