Those Crazy Canadians and Argo the Movie.

Hello eBaumers,

During training, my instructor likes to listen to talk radio, it's usually annoying to me and today was no exception. He was tuning in to some Canadian talk show and they were complaining about how the movie Argo downplays the Canadians role in the whole affair. Well duh, it's Hollywood and they have always over played the Americans role in all the different wars. For us who are historically informed, we know the other allies like Canada, were way more influential to the outcomes of most battles, but please let us Americans have a little patriotic "Hurrah" for our team for entertainment purposes.

Yes, I know it was the bravery of the Canadian ambassador and the swift thinking of their security that actually saved the Americans. Yes, the Canadians would have paid the ultimate price if they made one wrong move. But, come on you maple slurping, granola eating, Birkenstock wearing, bicycle riding Eskimos, let us have this  moment of patriotic pride even though it's complete bullshit. America  needs to cheer for our team and we accept it when the fix is in. It's how we win and I wouldn't have it any other way. God bless America! Fuck yea.

A great American. Jump ahead to 1:20

Uploaded 02/26/2013
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