Thought i was over it..

So i was walking to enlgish class but still in the parking lot, then from around some corner walks brian, dickhead ex remember? and then i notice he is with a girl who i didn't think would be kelly because she's still in highschool and it was 1 o'clock, but stil suspected it was. so i stoped dead in my tracks because if i kept walking, i'd be following about 5 feet behind i turned around looking like i was going back to my car and once reaching my car, tunred back around again..loser..i know..

so i'm following a good distance behind them and see her put her hand one his arm and confirmed it was kelly. so i'm wondering why she's with him if he's going to class, then firgured he was just gunna show up to turn in his paper and leave, which is what i was doing too since i have work.

so he walks into class and she stops to wait outside, and i follow in after. i saw she looked at me but i'm not sure if she recognized me. then brian went to the printer after i sat down and i lean across the table to taylor and brooke, 2 girls that sit with us and know our whole situation..and im like "guys, thats brians girlfriend.." and taylor rolls her chair over to me and goes, "the one outside the door?? dude shes ugly!" loud enough so brian heard and i owuldnt be surpised if kelly did too..and i'm pretty sure she did because she kept looking over at me..

lemme tell you, i've only seen pictures of kelly on facebook which she looks bad in all of them, but some she's cute so i figured she's just not photogenic, but no..she is ugly, literally ha!

so anyways i turn in my paper and leave and kelly is sitting right outside the door so eye contact is inevidable. i give her a closed mouth half smile and walk on.

So once i finally am fine with everything, not really upset about the situation anymore, this happens. i hated actually seeing them together, and frankly i think he had a lot of nerve to bring her there..seriously. i really wanted to say something to her, not because i don't like her. i honestly have nothing against her. i just hate that after brian did all this, basically screwed 2 girls over, one of them was willing to take him back, and he got what he wanted..drives me nuts..

Uploaded 12/05/2008
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