"To Ed. Funny that you say the Russian/Soviet fighter jets are at least two to three decades behind.  Is that why the US would rush to recover any MIG they could get their hands on to find out how the Russians were cruising at Supersonic speeds before the US could?  If the Russians are so behind the US, could you explain to me why the US and Western rocket launchers into space are using Russian engines to propel their load?  Why has the US not used an F22 Raptor in any of its missions?  Why is the F35 still under construction after 10 years of being supposedly introduced?  Overall, with all the US military and aerial power they still cannot defeat the Taliban fighting with sticks!! HAHAHA!!! LAUGHABLE AT BEST!!! Why the US always has to weaken their opponent by pushing the whole world to impose sanctions onto those countries they intend to attack to make them weaker before they go in? I know, it is called fear of fighting anyone on equal terms.  10 years of sanctions on Iraq, of starving its people before the cowards gather enough cojones to go in and fight women and children with stones.  10 years after the invasion they are still fighting an army with only sticks and stones to defend itself against the "All Mighty" American military.  Can you tell me how many missions the F22 Raptor has been in since the US starts a war every couple of months? NONE!! and the ones they have been on are testing missions and the jets are falling out of the sky without ever firing a single shot!! Now in video games the F22 Raptor is one of the best but that is in video games!!! Maybe you are playing too many video games!" AIR SUPERIORITY OVER NATIONS WITH LITTLE TO NO AIR DEFENSE, only sounds badass to westerners. come try and dominate AIR SUPERIORITY in russia and china, see how many of your birds make it back to the landing pad. NONE! big bad america only attacks countries 1/100th its size and a marginal air force. why dont you go asserting your human rights campaign in china? thats right, thats because youre spineless pussies who dont care about anything, but money. human rights lol. thats why you guys killed over 1 million Vietnamese because of their political affiliation? how is that not a crime against humanity? NATO+USA= BIGGEST TERRORIST ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD! 

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