Three Good Reasons to Believe in God (PART THREE)


Gravitational force must be what it is, for planets to have stable orbits around the sun. Otherwise if they had a greater force they would fall into the sun and burn up or if weaker, they would escape from their orbit into a very cold, outer darkness. It is estimated that a change in gravity by only one part in 10 to the power of 100 would have prevented a life permitting universe.

If the electric charge on an electron were only slightly different, stars would be unable to burn hydrogen and helium. and produce the chemical elements such as carbon and oxygen that make up our bodies. Similarly, the orbit of electrons in atoms would not be stable, so matter as we know it would not exist.

The Atheist might try to claim that "Ofcourse the universe is finely tuned, else we would not be here", or "if things were different, then things would be different, duh". He is right on both points, but this does nothing to neutralise the extremely low probability that we should end up in this life-permitting universe.

There are around 10 to the 500th power different possible universes potential within natures laws, but any slight deviation from the laws of our own universe, would not permit life. The chances of the universe NOT being designed, are insurmountably high.

The Moral Law:

There is a deeply embedded code of conduct - the little voice in your head - which, for example, tells you not to steal from or double-cross or murder persons who treat you with kindness. And similarly not to abuse children, elderly, the sick or disabled.

If you question the existence of this code of conduct or "moral law," try to locate a stable society anywhere in recorded history which neglected these concepts.


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