Through all the Experience

There has been some question in the thought of healthy hallucinogenic drug use and the experiences that I've been posting on the site for quite some time now...So here I will try to explain the difference between reaching true spirituallity and a drug induced spiritual experience.

Despite everything that I've posted in the brittle hands of hallucinogenic drug use and it's connection with the "doorways" to spirituality, I must confess that the experiences held within are, though in many personal cases life altering, not a neccesity to open yourself spiritually. I merely conlcude my personal experiences and write the profound ones in ways people can marvel at and dwell off of their own. With every new hallucinogenic trip there is a fifty-fifty chance of the psycholgical environment to change drastically well, or drastically not-so-well. Needless to say, I've taken a lot of trips that have a horrible outcome and the gravity of the situation leaving me wanting to die or find reality in an impossible way. Take in to account that spirituality is an illusion in these cases, either direction can show a path beyond either hope or descerning fear.

The trips that alter the perception for the good are the ones the we most attribute to those of angelic experiences; "I understand why I am," and "I know now what humanity is to do" kind of epiphamy's seem to dwell just outside the reach of human consciousness, so therefore it MUST be heaven sent. The conlusion? Most druggies would say: "WE NEED MIND ALTERING DRUGS TO ATTAIN A SPIRITUALITY THAT CANNOT BE POSSIBLE WITHIN THE PHYSICS OF REALITY!!!!!!!!!"

This is not true.

In short, you don't need drugs to reach the higher plane.

And for those of you who experiment around and fuck with your internal being just to say that you've experienced "nirvana" or a "message from God," you have been lied to by your own device. The true experience of being singularly connected within the spirit can only take place when you choose to succomb to it entirely.

I'm not able to do it. and those rare few who have won't ever tell you they did...They just live with a better basic knowledge of what life is all about.

So remember kiddo's: Drugs are fun and worth trying, but don't dwell too deep in the thought of your own contorted madness while under the influence, or you'll go NUCKING FUTS!

Thank goodness for Humanity's creative nature and the discovery by Timothy Leary! (after 25 times, he finally got the LSD recipe right).




Uploaded 08/11/2008
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