Thumbs Down Fairy is UGDORK A Confession

To all my friends out here in the once peaceful Blogtopia, I must make a confession. I have been the Thumbs Down Fairy, White Chocolate, iLIKEtoSAYpoop, and a few others as well. I am sorry if you are pissed off at me but I was working a plan.

In October of last year I created my POOP account. It was a joke, just to lurk and fuck around. People who know me are aware that I"m not always the most mature person but I try to have fun. I gave clues as to my identity. My first blog as ugdork was a poop blog and I was called Mr. Poop. I made my avatar using simple Microsoft Paint and, as you know if you've seen some of my cartoons, that is the program I use.

When the new sight started I stopped blogging here. In February I created the account White Chocolate because I wanted to work on a character that was a simple kid, none too bright. I wanted his blogs to leave people wondering if he was for real or a troll. I had him use words such as 'epic' 'pwned' and 'cash', all phrases that ugdork hates. My Chocolate uploads include clues as well. There is a photo of a guy with a haircut in the shape of someone pooping. Poop.

I returned to blogging as ugdork, White Chocolate, and iLIKEtoSAYpoop and realized that the blog section had changed. There was no conflict. I missed Eshell and such so I devised a plan and created ebaumBLOGGER as a way to tie all my characters together.

My last blog as ugdork ... is riddled with clues. I talk of getting pissed when my blogs and comments are rated down. I talk of how social websights are a microcosm of scociety. I defend my other profiles, White Chocolate and iLIKEtoSAYpoop.

Then I used my profiles, as well as those of friends who let me use their screennames to thumb/rate down blogs and comments.


It was a social experiment. I wanted to test my theory of interweb-as-tribe, and felt the best way to shake up the apple cart was to swagger into the heard as if it was my own territory but not as a poop-sayer or as a dumb kid. I wanted to swoop in as a worthy adversary and was just curious to see what would happen. How would the tribe would react if an articulate, litterate antagonistic newcomer started saying how things were going to be? If Blogtopia would spiral into turmoil.

Sorry my friends, SJG, Platy, Wall, Tomlet, Sindicate, and anyone who was pissed. It truly was interesting.

Uploaded 05/15/2009
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