Time Marches On and Good Will among Men

We think as if we have an impact on the world around us. But we do not, whether we drive left or right or vote red or blue or in between, we do not have any significance in our universe. Time marches on. After humanity there will be another race maybe, if we haven't robbed the planet of it's ability to bear life. All of these things we feel and think about only apply to our current race and our daily lives. We do not affect the universe, we breath and pollute and die one day. The universe will turn without us in it, we do not really make a difference. That is why we cannot live our lives thinking that  there is a right or a wrong, there is only easing the suffering of the world. Ease the suffering of man kind and you have a purpose. If you can feed another man's hunger then help him, If you can feed his addiction and let him pass in a state of serenity help him. There are ways to ease suffering, and these are the questions in life. Which is the best way to ease the pain of life? How does mankind help one another? Honestly it does not matter who takes this hill or that one, because we're all amoeba on a universal scale. Really all that matters is good will among men. But maybe even that doesn't matter. 
Uploaded 01/27/2012
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