Time to Change

I have been away for awhile.  I needed to take a break from the blogging world.  I was letting people and issue get under my skin.  I was getting frustrated, sad and downright angry.  I was beginning to stoop down to the very levels of rudeness and ignorance that was making me crazy.  So, one day I decided enough was enough.  I was never going to write again, but I gave myself some time to cool off, I prayed and I began jotting down my thoughts about how I felt and about the daunting problems we are facing in this country.  I decided I was going to share my unwanted and unasked for thoughts and then I am going to focus on them in more detail and write about them.  I am sure some will read them and other will not, but it does not matter to me.  I am tired of sitting around and pretending in things are good when they are not.  I have always been political, but now I am going to be politically active.  I can no longer bury my head in the sand, it is time to become involved, even if it is a futile action.  Here is a list of my thoughts, frustrations and issues I will tackle.

 When I speak out against the government and its policies, I know those who support it will vilify me.  They will say the following:

  1. I am not supporting the president.
  2. I am racist, because I do not support the president.
  3. I am un-American.
  4. I am crazy.
  5. I am a religious based-Bible-thumping-rightwing-nut-job.
  6. I will be told I am wrong and stupid.
  7. I will be accused of not caring about this planet because I do not believe or buy into the whole global warming aka climate change scheme, nor do I support cap and trade.
  8. I will be accused of not caring about the poor and underprivileged because I am completely against a government controlled healthcare reform policy.
  9. I will be called greedy for not wanting to pay higher taxes.
  10. I will be accused of being closed minded for not wanting Socialism, Communism or Progressivism in my country or government.
  11. I will be called crazy because I feel my government is leaning towards Socialism, Communism and Progressivism.
  12. When I stand up for my rights as a citizen of the US my government will treat me like a child or with arrogance.
  13. When I accuse the government of passing laws and committing acts that are unconstitutional I will be told to keep quiet or I do not know what I am talking about.
  14. I will be laughed at and treated with disdain by government supporters because I lack a formal education or credentials in the realm of politics.
  15. I will be patted on the head and lied to when I raise concerns about an ever growing government and an economy that grows worse by the day.

 These are my responses to those that refuse to acknowledge the truth or would rather keep preaching party rhetoric and playing the finger pointing blame game:

  1. I refuse to accept or believe the lies and hypocrisy of the media.
  2. I will stay informed for the rest of my life.
  3. I will properly educate my children and raise them in a Christian household.
  4. I will not falter on my Christian beliefs.
  5. I will turn to God to help my family and me through the tough times.
  6. I will praise Him daily.
  7. I will not back down on my principles.
  8. I will never again be afraid or feel ashamed to question my government when they are wrong.  It is my responsibility as a citizen to question and challenge.
  9. I will not let anger blind my judgment.
  10. I will debate or argue with facts.
  11. I will not be a mindless sheep or lapdog follower of the government or readily accept or believe everything they tell me.
  12. I will ignore those who mock, threaten or try to intimidate me.
  13. I will be civil, but firm when confronted by opposition.
  14. I will not sink to their level.
  15. I will not feel ashamed or believe others when they say the world hates America.
  16. I will not bullied into thinking that America needs to take on a global role and follow the wants and needs of the world.
  17. I will not feel guilty or accept being labeled a racist for wanting tougher immigration laws and enforcement.
  18. I am against open borders and I am not ashamed of it.
  19. I will not tolerate or accept special rules and laws imposed on me in order to accommodate the wants and needs of immigrants, legal or illegal coming into the US.
  20. I will not learn a foreign language just so I can communicate with those who come to my country and refuse to learn English.
  21. I will not feel guilty or uncomfortable for not agreeing with gay rights or gay marriage.
  22. I will not back down on my beliefs against abortion.
  23. I will no longer allow the government or the media to distract me from the real issues wither their petty and worthless arguments and lies.
  24. I will do my best as an American citizen to combat corrupt politicians and see them voted out of office.
  25. As a police officer I swore and oath to protect the constitution from all enemies foreign or domestic.  I will always uphold this oath.

I am a Christian conservative who loves his family and this country.  I believe in the Constitution and its basic principles.  I will never again feel guilty, ashamed or apologetic for being an American citizen.  I am proud of my heritage and this country.  I feel the United States of America is the greatest country in the world.         

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