tips for erep pointsblogging

if you want to aquire plenty of eRep points in a quick manner, blogs are one of the greatest ways to do it. with the 50 rep points that are added on to your total when you press the "post" button, makes all this mind-less typing/rambling worth while

okay so lets get down to buisiness i'll list some great blog tips/ideas:

 1.)find a good topic that you can write 256 characters about and look legit (such as eRep points( everyone wants to know more about them and how to get them)

 2.)use plenty of big words, lots of commas and parantheses: ,i.e.: any person who happens to want to know eRep points should read and/or skim this article over more/less

 3.)don't be afraid to go into detail: when it comes to blogs, this is where you make your money( or in this case eRep points) try to go to the extreme about every topic. Just like i went into extreme detail about eRep points and blogs and how to earn them. i could have made one blog or one comment but with my experienced rambling ive earned more rep points then someone who just touches each basis . i on the other hand have a date with each topic and sometimes bring them back to my appartment, details wise.

 4.)aftert you post your blog you will be sent to the site of your blog: post a comment and rate it: a few m,ore easy rep points


i might just make a few more blogs titled [tips for eRep points: (topic goes here)] so look for those please...... idk why i wrote this part at the bottom when its very unlikely that this blog or any other blog i make wil be read.

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