Tired and bitchy,my pet peeves.

Right now im tired and bitchy and a bit buzzed from drinking at the bowling alley. From my house to the bowling alley and back I think I have encountered about 1,000 of my pet peeves. I should probably see a nut doctor because the thoughts that run through my mind are mostlikely not normal.

1. I hate drivers that refuse to go over the speed limit or drive slower than the speed limit.

 *thought in mind of satisfaction - get a car and hook a fork lif in front with capabillites of flipping the car infront of me over my car into some gorge. Make that fucker think twice before going slow again.*

2. Drivers who come to almost a complete stop to turn down another road who insist not to move over to the shoulder but stay in the lane. Watch it grandma you might roll it going 10mph*

 *thought of how to solve this problem - strap bettering ram infront of my car and push them out of the way!*

3. People who are on the highway who like to play the i dont wanna be passed then play the speed up slow down game.

 * How i got my satisfaction of being pissed off by this - As childish as this sound this one bitch played this game for 20 min on the highway. when i finally got a chance to speed around her i rolled down my window and chucked a muffin at her windsheild...... god it felt so great!!!!!!!! The satisfaction was almost better than sex!*

4. Overly happy people! I dont know what it is maybe im not a big fuckin bowl of sunshine, but people who always run around smiling, he he'ing,preaching of how god will help you in your time of need,or when life hands you a lemon make lemonaid, ect. ect. . No normal person can be that happy unless they are on zoloft or something.

 *my reaction - beat them to a bloody pulp! But then knowing my luck they would still smile and turn it into a glass of lemonaid.*

5. Idiots that cant talk proper english! How do you get through life having a conversation based on yo is u down homie? wud up dawg. I is from g town. Are you that dumb you can't pronounce where your from? How hard would it be to say I am? How did u graduate from high school? Better yet how did you fill out your welfare form? Name: Crack masta

Previous occupation: walmart invetory control specialist (the theft side)

6.Welfare bums - ok i dont mean to offend anyone who is on welfare because they have lost their job and have had a hard time getting another one right now due to the economy. I get pissed off when i see people on welfare going to the store to buy beer and cigs, their kids look like they havent eaten in a week and dressed to the point where a potatoe sack would look better. They piss me off when they refuse to work and bitch they have no money or the goverment is treating them like criminals.

* satisfaction - watching these people work for 40yrs with no pay cleaning porta potties*

7.Scum bags who keep popping out kids to get more welare money and a bigger EIC check at the end of the year. I worked in a tax office last year and i have never been more annoyed than the one bitch who came in with 5 kids. All had different father, she didnt work only maybe 1 month out of 12, was on welfare and got 4,ooo dollars back and she had the balls to bitch she was getting less than last year! Um i worked 12 months out of 12 and only got 900 back. Then she gets the privalege of getting the 1,200 back on the stimulis check because she had 5 bastard kids?

* My punishment - the more kids you have the more you have to pay the goverment back, for being a tax burden on the people who do work*

ughhh im goin to bed, i just made myself more pissed off!

Uploaded 10/04/2008
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