To Beat or Not to Beat?

So, my roof is fucked, and my land lord is cheap.

Few weeks ago we had a really bad wind storm that sent many of our ancient shingles flying off the building.    The fence in between our driveway and the bar next door, has fallen down for the 3rd time in in 3 years.   I could write a whole blog about all of the repairs and maintenance this building and my unit needs, but that's not what I'm talking about today.

The roof needs to be replaced.  It's leaking again, in the same spot it did a few years ago.  But since my landlord is cheaper than a Jew on food stamps, he's hired the cheapest "roofers" he could find, to cover up the damage with new shingles... on only the one side.

It's not a large building.  A team of 4-5 guys with proper equipment could easily have it done in a day.  But since there's only two guys that don't show up until 9:30 in the morning,  they've been at it for 4 days, and still aren't done.  If this was my property, I would fire them both.   All they do is bitch about my landlord being so cheap, even though the only reason they got the job was because of they offered the lowest price.   At lunch they go to the bar next door for a drink, and I've even seen them smoking weed with a few of the bar's patrons.  Then they stay here for another hour or two, and leave at 2 - 3 pm.    I guess you get what you pay for... but that's not what I'm blogging about today.

My boyfriend knows one of the roofers, as his late Aunt's ex-boyfriend.  His name is Mike, and he's an abusive alcoholic who used to beat my boyfriend's Aunt, even while she was dying from brain tumors.  His Aunt was a very caring person who took both Mike, and my boyfriend in when they needed help.  She even got Mike and my boyfriend a job at the place my boyfriend works at now, and has been working at for the past 12 years.  Apparently Mike was fired from this logistics and moving company, after multiple customers complained about Mike asking for financial handouts.  Some people felt sorry for him, and gave them what they could, only for him to come back asking for more sympathy and assistance. 
  He's one of those people that my boyfriend swore he would beat the living shit out of, if he ever saw him again.  And there he is..... climbing up and down a ladder right in front of our living room window.  The opportunity is there.  Me and my boyfriend could easily make up some bullshit about Mike starting shit with us.  It's not like Mike has a reputation for being respectful, or professional... He's probably known to police, and would have little credibility to support any plea of innocence.   I've already heard him tell my landlord to fuck off over the phone. 
We also get along with all of our neighbors, who are probably calling my landlord as I write this, complaining about the profanity, garbage, and the amount of time this is taking.   So if we were to make something up like "he said something perverted to me, and that's why my boyfriend knocked him out, kicked him while he was down, pissed on him, and set his truck on fire", nobody will think we were lying.   It's not like my bf went out of his way to hunt him down... Mike's at our home, we're not at his.

It's been almost 15 years since Aunt Kathy passed away from her brain tumors.   But her family has not forgot about her, or what Mike did to her (physical abuse, and taking advantage of her charity) during her last, painful, years of life.   I know for a fact that Mike believes that his past will not catch up to him.... even if he does regret being a total waste of life (which he probably doesn't).    People like Mike are the reason I believe that violence is sometimes justified.   Mike shouldn't be allowed to live his life, without regret, without consequence.... to some, he shouldn't be living at all.  Since it's been 15 years, Mike probably thinks that he's gotten away with it.    He is a prime candidate for "What goes around, comes around", and he should have to learn that lesson the hard way. 

Every time my boyfriend looks out the window, tears swell up in his eyes.   I know it's not going to take more than a "Hello" from Mike, for my boyfriend to fly off the handle and smash his remaining teeth in.  I won't try and stop him either...   I'm just worried about the law.   I'm trying to think of a story that we could give to the cops, that wouldn't result in my boyfriend getting charged.   Maybe if I call the cops before he does, saying that Mike started a fight some how.   The fact that my boyfriend hasn't done anything since they started 4 days ago, may will rule out any premeditation.   I have no say in whether or not this happens.  If my boyfriend wants to beat the living shit out of him, he will... it doesn't matter what I say.

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