To the blogging community

To the Bloggers,

It's been awhile due to the fact I been in the Staff Non-commissioned Officers Career course for the Marine Corps and now about to graduate on Tuesday. 6 weeks of hell to Say the least. But the time I had to read the blogs and barley comment and upload, I've been disappointed as hell. I've been reading and observing and this is the facts so let me dive into them.

 WTF is wrong with everyone? Political BS blogs, Blogs with three fucking sentences and stupid as shit.ESD is the only one who actually can pull it off". Seriously have you guys gone that downhill. You guys used to Police your own, and keep a standard that was beyond great and now it's gone to absolute shit. Its a major disappointment and pathetic as hell. Were not on Capitol Hill, were on Ebaumsworld! I don't know if you guys get off on just arguing about shit you absolutely have no clue on what youre talking about but last time I checked it was kinda a rule not bringing Poitics, Religion and Money into this section. And I keep seeing this BS over and over again. Sorry to say it but your ruining this fucking section.

Now let me get off on the political Theorist out there..your resource is CNN and media.......the media. Now a Question...... what do the media do? Oh thats right, get the story then embellish it to get ratings. The fact is there are too many political blogs that actually amount to crap and have no actual fact behind them what so ever. All that I have read is opinion or based on he said she said BS! It pisses me off to a degree that you "the blogging community" are sinking this  low. These arent blogs.. there fucking debates and you argue like grade schoolers on a play ground. And quite frankly worthless debates at that. To the bloggers that write BS blogs I.E. "Hey I did something stupid and fucked your mom, my name is ..... Fack you all" Quite wasting everyone's time and get off. Youre worthless at writing and screwing everything up in this section. Please come back at me! Then try to defend what you actually condicer a blog. If you want to consently write about the big bad government and Politics there are many, many websites out there that you can do so. If youre that driven to write that many political blogs go there!

So I'm done with this redirect BS that your all writing until you actually start no shit writing I.E what a blog is supposed to be.

If I want politics, I'll turn on the news.Dirty I'm sorry but with this blog you highly disappointed me. You were funny and totally out there with sexual stories that made me laugh my ass off.  But this ........... Is just running with the crowd.

This is EBW not fucking Fox news.  Write blogs " life experiences, funny moments, talking shit to a degree that is funny, Drunk blogs, happy times, sad times, drama, and over all.........just fun stories! That is what this place was about and what made it great. Check yourselves please and at least check each other. This used to be the best and tightest section on ebaums and now has turned to shit. You all can come at me ......but the fact is you know I'm right.



Uploaded 09/25/2009
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