Toado and Friends - Children's Books by Linda Brooks

This story is a wonderful story that teaches children a valuable life lesson, to accept another as they are. Young readers will learn about a fat little frog who has been hurt by thoughtless comments about her size. The colorful illustrations are done by children to add interest. There is also a blank picture for the reader to color to personalize the book. This is what makes these books unique.


I wrote the series “Toado and Friends,” over the last 25 years. The books are based on my children and their childhood friends, in a pond setting. In each book there is also a hidden tribute to little Travis, my son, who died at age 4 ½ months. The hidden tributes are in the writing or illustrations. I wrote these books to teach valuable lessons in life. This delightful series of Toado and Friends teaches life lessons in each adventure-filled story. Young children will read about different circumstances and learn how to deal with them. The colorful illustrations are done by family, friends and children. They are not professionally colored in order to create added interest. This is what makes these books unique, while providing additional curiosity for parents and children reading the books

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