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Today is October 16th


The french are back in the news today as Marie Antoinette endures open ridicule from her country. She is subsequently executed. In the 1968 Olympics Two black members of the track team throw up Black Power fists. Directly After the Medal ceremony they are permanently removed from the team. Also today, an episode of All in the family airs where Edith is held at knifepoint by a rapist. Lemon fresh pledge just seems to attract the perverts. George Hennard decided he was done with this world today. He was a resident of Kileen, Texas and he was taking everyone he could down with him. Th dutchess of York makes the news today as she files a 1.4 million dollar lawsuit against tabloids for printing pictures of her topless on the French Rivieria. She then is seen in advertisements for weight watchers. 84 are killed in the worst soccer incident in history. Overcrouding is always dangerous. This and more on...

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Oct 16 1793

Deposed French queen Joséphe Jeanne Marie Antoinette sits in an open cart, enduring three hours of public ridicule as she is slowly driven around the streets of Paris. Finally, she is taken to the guillotine. Before she loses her head, Antoinette tells the crowd: "Farewell, my children, forever. I go to your Father."

Oct 16 1968

American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos perform a raised-fist Black Power salute during the 200-meter dash medals ceremony at the Mexico City Olympics. Despite being two of the fastest men on Earth (Smith won the gold and Carlos the bronze), the pair are promptly kicked off the U.S. team for their political statement.

Oct 16 1977

In a very special episode of All in the Family, a rapist holds Edith at knifepoint and pays a compliment on her perfume (Lemon Fresh Pledge). Luckily, Edith manages to fend off the home invader before he can rape her.

Oct 16 1991

George Hennard crashes his pickup truck through the window of Luby's Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas. Then he hops out and begins shooting the patrons with a Glock 17 semiauto and a Ruger P89. Before ultimately killing himself next to the restaurant's bathrooms, Hennard manages to kill 23 people and wound 19 others.

Oct 16 1992

The Dutchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, files a $1.4M suit against French tabloids for running topless photos of her taken on the French Riviera, including some of Texas millionaire John Bryan sucking her toes. Fergie went on to appear in advertisements for Weight Watchers.

Oct 16 1996

84 are killed and more than 180 injured in Guatemala City when 47,000 soccer fans attempt to squeeze into 36,000 seats at Mateo Flores Stadium. It is the worst tragedy in soccer history.

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