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well I got a lot of requests for these to come back and I am posting one today. This one is short and sweet but it does have a semi-sweet savor to it.

Soothsayer, philantropist, fortune teller, inspirational man, cultist, and crackpot are all names placed on the man who was born on this very day several centuries ago. It is goood to know that every ancient man who made claims even remotely close to his also had the same names tossed about.  The sexy mexican spitfire of the 1940's commited suicide today. Her plans for a beautiful death went awry when they did not find her in the beautiful position where she planned to be; Overdose can truly mess up your day.  We find why the red sea truly is the red sea on this day. A ferry in Egypt strikes a coral reef. Nearly 500 passengers were lost to the red sea. If my memory serves me right, that particular sea has also previously messed up some egyptians day.  All of this and more on...

Today in History


Dec 14 1503

Nostradamus born. If you write vague enough prophecies, they will fool almost anyone.

Dec 14 1944

Lupe Velez, Hollywood's "Mexican Spitfire" of the 1940's, commits suicide with an overdose of sleeping pills. Contrary to her plans of being found laid out on the bed in a silk nightgown, she is instead discovered in the bathroom with her head in the toilet. Her ex-husband, Tarzan star Johnny Weismuller, frequently used to beat her.

Dec 14 1991

A ferry near Safaga, Egypt on the Red Sea strikes a coral reef, drowning more than 460 passengers.



For those who enjoyed these, I am happy to oblige your thirst.  The rest of you who dislike these can find happieness knowing I am not going to post these everyday.


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