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Today is October 13th,

Today a Roman Emperor finds out the doing shrooms isn't the best idea. I cant blame the guy I mean his wife must have been bangin his doctor. He must have been wondering why all those house calls he made for his wife.  Also today some christian rugby team crashes in the andes mountains. We later find that human flesh when browned over a fire tastes like tender beef. Science tells us the the shroud of Turin is a fake. Believers the shroud to be real are still trying to wish the facts away. The most epic prank is enacted on nike's behalf.   You will have to read on for the hilarity on...


Today in History





Oct 13 54

Roman Emperor Claudius I consumes a favorite mushroom dish prepared by his fourth wife, Agrippina. What he does not know is that the meal is laced with the toxin of the Amanita phalloides mushroom. Feeling ill the next morning, Claudius summons his personal physician. Unfortunately, the doctor happens to be a co-conspirator in the scheme, administering a colocynth enema which kills Claudius instantly.

Oct 13 1972

Due to poor visibility, a Uruguayan Air Force plane carrying the Montevideo Old Christians Rugby Club crashes high in the Chilean Andes. Of the 45 people aboard the flight, only 27 survive the crash, and just 16 make it to their rescue 72 days later. Their secret? Cannibalism. According to one survivor, "the slight browning of the flesh gave it an immeasurably better flavor, softer than beef but with much the same taste."

Oct 13 1988

A report published in the journal Nature declares the Turin shroud to be a 13th century fake. Although carbon-14 testing places the shroud's fabrication somewhere between 1260 and 1390 AD, true believers spend much of the next several years attempting to explain away the radiocarbon test results.

Oct 13 1997

Nike, Inc. fines one of its shoe factories in Vietnam $5,000 after it becomes known that plant management ordered workers to create 51 rubber penises. Although the schlongs were produced strictly as gag gifts for a company official's birthday, Nike sees no humor in the matter.



On a side note I would like to thank Creepingjennie of the quick responce in regard to my query about my blog. I have spoken to her about my blog and they will continue to post. I have rules to abide by and I will continue to abide by them. For everyone who enjoys these I will continue to post these for your enjoyment. Thank you again creepingjennie.

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