tomlet's Reviews of Superficially Psychologistic Movies: Assault

I put Assault Girls in my netflix queue after Neko reviewed it.  I really like Mamoru Oshii (the director), but I'd only seen his animated films.  Ghost in the Shell (1995) was a milestone in animated film.  The sequel, made in 2004 was worth the wait.  The animation and story were amazing.  The two films gave me one of my favorite animated characters, Batou, a cyborg killing machine of the highest order. 


The animation, even almost a decade later, is peerless:



That being said, Assault Girls was a pretty poor film.  First of all, the dialog was almost unintelligible.  For some reason, the characters are wearing breather masks (even though they're in a simulation) and their English dialog is so garbled, it was hard to make out.  I looked forward to the scenes in Japanese because they, at least, had subtitles.


The CGI was fair, but nothing special.  It could be forgiven as it's supposed to be a video game.  What can't be forgiven is how boring the film is.  It was 70 minutes long.  After you took out the pointless expository at the beginning of the film, the pointless scenes of snails and a dog sniffing a statue, clouds, and characters eating and sleeping (in a computer game simulation) the film could easily be 30 minutes long.  The costumes were good.  I enjoyed the scenes of one of the girls killing the man over and over again in a bid to see who would lead the group.  The ending was good with the character conflict, but as a whole, the ending was abrupt and looked like it was prelude to a sequel (which won't happen because the film was crap and not commercially successful).


The plot was minimal.  The repetitive computer voice droning on about joining a group was annoying.  There's one female character that has no dialog and appears to be mostly there to prance around in a bowler hat.


This really was a pointless farce of a film.

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