Too Edgy for EBW

I get group invitations all the time and never accept them because most groups here suck balls then complain about pubes in the mouth. They start out strong with people posting shit then after a couple weeks no one posts and no one cares and it just used up server space.

On a whim I joined a group that had some cool people in it, regular feature uploaders, funny commenters, and thought I'd try to make it a group that ingested daily internet fiber and shit out posts so monumental that other groups snuck into our house at night just to steal a spent roll of our toilet paper.

I am a member of the defunct group, "Dan and Dirty's Dysfunctional Misfits." In that group we had a lot of warped, fucked up, sick-and-twisted motherfuckers and the picture section ruled. In fact, if you're not a member, join it and check out our shit. Nothing has been added in a year but we had a no-holds-barred policy on what we posted. Anything shy of CP was encouraged and we strove to top eachother.

I tried to do the same in the recent group I joined. I was about the only one posting stuff. After about a week I was banned. Reason given: Posting offensine or objectionable material. The notification said we are not allowed to post sex, gore, drugs, racist content. Hell, I have pix on my hard drive that have all FOUR in one shot.

So really? On EBW there is to be no sex (Farout Asian Pictorial, Friday Unearthly Cleagave Knockout) drugs (salvia videos) gore (kid breaks ankle and bone sticks out) or racism (any comment thread)

Sorry, but about the only pix that don't fall under those catagories are the lame, gay, ass-fucking LOL kitty faggotisms or the forwarded email pix I get from my elderly aunt. If I want to see lame, tame, gay everyday shit I will look at photos on Yahoo! news.

Am I jaded? Am I really just so much fucking sicker that normal humans? Show me the worst of the worst internet photos. PLEASE!! I won't be offended. I CAN'T be offended because I would rather live in a world where all forms of expression were encouraged than one where a person gets reprimanded for posting a boob... or a severed boob. That's just me.

Uploaded 07/17/2010
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