Too lazy to read or too lazy to understand???????

I wrote a short little humorous blog about Grease and played a little homophone game with the subject matter and after I was finished thought of Gilda Radner doing a SNL skit where she would end with "Oh never mind". I really havent written regularly in a while and was happy with the finished joke and then a blog written by I dont know  "who cares about the south" where such comments were made to defend his attack on another blogger  "Take a look
at the schmuck who went on and on about
how "we" shouldn't care about
I am laughing the whole time I wrote this because it shows he never even read my little funny story but instead went into Americas favorite game "I want to argue and know have no idea what you said"
I dont know if I should be so surprised it seems nobody wants to do the work but they still want to enter the discussion. I do want to say if I take the time to comment on your blog or story you can be assured of one thing I READ IT. Now for the wounded person who was so offended by my story about cooking oil I am so sorry for your pain............
Thanks for reading (maybe) Bohank
Uploaded 11/13/2011
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