Top 10 Stumblers

by David Stewart

StumbleUpon is one of the web's best known Discovery Engines, it features many elements of a social network including personal accounts with features such as rating pages, bookmarking sites by subject and theme and sharing your discoveries with other stumblers. The Internet is a huge place and it's easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed by sheer volume of data and images and Stumbleupon is a great way to sift through this sea of weird and wild content. Here at Private Island, We love Stumbleupon and here's our top picks for our 10 Favorite Stumblers! 

#10 DrakeGTA

Humor / Culture / Cartoons


Recent Stumble: BEST GHOST FOOTAGE IVE SEEN !!!!!!


#9 Stardust

Art History / Humor / Nature


Recent Stumble: Toxic Oil Spill Rains Warned Could Destroy North America

#8 Sezlez369

Graphic Design / Photography / Media   sezlez369.jpg
Recent Stumble: Slow Story: Wonderful Illustrations by Anton Marrast


#7 Saspeirs

Painting / Art History / Design


Recent Stumble: Tigers in the Snow

#6 Codebender

Sci-Tech / Hobbies / Society


Recent Stumble: Norte Dame's Real Dead Woman


#5 Tutto

Photography / Animation / Illustration


Recent Stumble: Photos: Osama bin Laden Killed, World reacts




#4 Ardycake

Hobbies / Comics / Humor 


Recent Stumble: The Photographs behind Norman Rockwells Iconic Paintings


#3 Expressioniste

Arts / Photography / Culture


Recent Stumble: Mark Eaton Photography



#2 Starspirit

Science / Animals / News 


Recent Stumble: Why Do We Still Send Animals Into Space?




#1 Serinadruid

Nature / Spirituality / Culture


Recent Stumble: A Log-in Finger Ring? Google Working on Password Alternatives


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