Top 5 Designer Drugs

Drugs are bad, but that doesn't mean you can't do them---especially designer drugs,  which are very badly doable. Drug designers have a keen sense of what's hot and what's not, many of them having worked with the finest drug models in the industry. Below are some of my personal favorite designer drugs for designated drug doing.

5. Friz


This drug was invented by a beverage chemist unable to find work after the Coke 2 debacle. Friz is consumed orally, despite having a crystalline structure comparable to broken glass. Users typically experience giddy euphoria and show a tendency to laugh up blood.

4. Crock


Made by a meth cook who couldn't remember the meth recipe, crock often causes users to experience symptoms of synthesesia, such as purple popsicles tasting purple. Other effects include temporary pregnancy, and "minty brain".

3. Wamma Bamma


This drug was accidentally discovered in the 70s by a pharmaceutical company trying to make oral poop medicine more palatable to children. The project was put on hold after subjects in the five-year-old test group became hyperactive and started clawing at each other's genitals. Wamma bamma has recently enjoyed newfound popularity at Furry conventions.

2. Shreque


Shreque is a promotional stimulant originally designed as part of the marketing campaign for Shrek the Third. Users display symptoms of fake Scottish accent, superhuman strength, and visions of talking donkeys. 

1. Jenkem Juice


Jenkem Juice is the first eReps Level on eBaumsworld. J.J. is produced by harvesting the gaseous byproduct of fermented urine and fecal matter. Huffing the gas causes you to become a totally outrageous dude who is loved and respected by his fellow Jenkem Juicers.
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