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as i said in my previous blog, i am a movie whore. when it comes to movies, i will pretty much open my proverbial legs to anything and everything action, comedy, or occult. another user suggested i do a blog about my 5 favorite movies of all time and it sounded like a pretty good idea. im expounding on the idea, however, and am curious what your favorites are too.

im not going to put them in any particular order, as its hard to guage which is my all time favorite. narrowing it down to 5 is hard enough. so i guess ill start by naming the movie and then give a brief description of why i like it.

the first that comes to mind would probably be the movie STREET KINGS. its a new movie starring keanu reeves in which he plays a vice cop in la. he works in a department deep in corruption and whenever criminals are above the law, he dispenses his own justice. he soon realizes all the members of his unit are dirty and then he starts eliminating them too. i like this movie because i thought the story was well written and action packed. i also liked the fact that they actually were able to make reeves appear to be a badass.

next i would have to say would be an 80s movie called MONSTER SQUAD. its about a group of kids who discover all the monsters in comics are real and are trying to take over the world. sounds corny right? well, it is. but its still a good movie so if you dont like it then fuck off. all the movie monsters are included from dracula to wolfman, and even the creature from the black lagoon. its kind of hard to find on dvd, but if you have a chance watch it.

another would have to be the movie BOONDOCK SAINTS. its kind of a cult classic so im sure many of you have heard of it. for those of you that havent, youre missing out. its a story of 2 irish immigrant brothers who get sick and tired of the crime in their city and go on a vigilante mission to eliminate sinners. these guys have no training save bar brawls, so they take their cues from action movies. the scene where 1 brother drops a toilet on a guys head from 5 stories is reason enough to see this movie. that not enough for you? how about willem defoe in drag?

after that would most definetely have to be GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS. ever been curious about soccer hooligans? this is the movie for you. it stars elijah wood as a nerd who moves to london with his sister and falls in with a 'firm' of soccer hooligans. he befriends them and learns their code of honor and by the end, hes not such a weenie anymore. plenty af brawling in this movie with anything from 2 by 4s to brass knuckles and the infamous chaucey grin. thats where they put a credit card sideways in your mouth stretching you cheeks. they then kick you in the nuts, forcing you to tense and tear your cheeks open. englands answer to the squealers scar i guess

lastly i would have to say LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN. its a newer movie starring josh hartnett and bruce willis. long story short, joshs parents are killed when hes a kid and hes raised by an assassin who teaches him to take his revenge. sound alot like the professional? not really, it has alot more plot twists and stars morgan freeman and ben kingsley. check it out, it will definetely keep you guessing.

these are just a few of my favorites. many are recent because those are the ones that stand out in my mind. i liked alot of movies from the 80s and 90s but i just cant think of any offhand. let me know what some of your favorites are. oh, and if i can suggest a less known movie to watch, try Layer Cake with daniel craig. its about a guy trying to sell ecstasy and all the shenanigans he gets himself into. not exactly 007 but good nonetheless


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