top ten new years resolution

with every thing going on this past year, and with the tax season upon us i have come out with my personal top ten new year resolutions, you can add on to them with a post below

1.drink more beer

2.drink more beer with a intent to solve the problem of why zombies hate fire and have not declared frankenstein as their leader yet.

3.write a blog about beer and drink more beer

4. consider hard liqure but realize that would make me an alcoholic and drink more beer

5. scroung up some change go to the store, tell some mexican i will turn him into the ins if he does not give me his case of corona and drink more beer

6. call my self a racist and say hey im not a racist i just purchase beer from a ".........." (fill in the blank with some type of human that doesnt drink beer) and drink more beer

7. find out that im not a racist since i drink domestic beer that has been out sourced to a different country and drink more beer.

8. call up the govt and ask them for a loan so i can drink more beer

9. find out if twelve people too get on a bus with a six pack per person and then figure out how much i can consume of their beer before i could give a fuck about math

10. the final frontier of beer....captains log.....consume enough beer to piss on myself but yet able to outrun the cab fair before being tazered, and if i am tazered dont yell "dont taze me bro" instead just yell " all hail beer".


Happy New Year!!

Uploaded 12/23/2008
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