Top Ten Tumblrs

by David Stewart

Tumblr has been the en vogue spot for tweens to 20-somethings to share pix. Before this web magazine/hangout/chat room for the cool youthful set goes the way of myspace, friendster and dogpile, Check out these 10 Tumblrs that really shake it up!


#1 Pleated Jeans


Irreverent, whimsical and sometimes just poigant, pleated jeans has original art, along with gifs, memes and other fascinating and often very hilarious content gleaned from the web, a must see!

#2 Im Remembering


A tumblr just for strictly nostalgia, anything from gameboys with ancient stickers, soda machines with giant buttons, to blueberry poptarts made to promote old batman movies. One that's easy to get lost in.


#3 I Love Charts


Founded by two dudes Jason and Cody, this tumblr is a collection infographics and photographs from an informative entertainment standpoint (they mix it up with some gifs and memes as well) a great spot for the research and intellectually minded to unwind and giggle.


#4 Lonely Cheetos


A very odd and poetic tumblr which collects images of cheetohs found on the street, alone and seperated from their kin. Strangely addicting.


#5 Julia Segal


Julia is a comedy writer of books and for late night with jimmy fallon, she maintains a wonderfully lighthearted and bizarre tumblr; full of images, memes and photographs that make you laugh and sometimes think.


#6 I Can Read


Ever see those tumblr posts that are just an inspiration statement, or sassy statement, just a picture of a beach with some words on it to give a feeling of... "something" well, if you like those, this tumblr would be right up your alley, cuz that's all they post!


 #7 all-thats-interesting


History, Travel, and exotic locations, this aim of this tumblr is to expand your mind and look at things in a new way, sometimes a topic might not be your cup of tea, but then they have something that might just blow your mind (Sunken Forests?)


#8 Onion-Like Headlines In Real Life


A very self explanatory title, this tumblr trolls for the most absurd and unreal new stories and collects them. Come and marvel at the depths of human ignorance.


#9 Ca$h Cats


Formerly a tumblr, now apparently a business, ca$, is another self explanatory project. They collect pictures of cats surrounded by money. These cats have been described as the richest felines on the web.


#10 theclearlydope 


A traditional humor blog in the sense it's a cluster full of gifs, memes, cats, image macros and screencaps, some of it's stuff you've seen everywhere, but it's very through, chances are you'll find something to make you snicker.  

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