Topic on guns.

This is my view on people owning guns, in reply to skyjacker's post.

I believe that we as Americans should own guns, my main reasoning is that a innocent family with children could now be a prime target for people that can still get there guns illegally off the black market, I mean shit come on crooks are still going to find ways like they already do to get guns. Now you got a bunch of homes who can not own guns, now they are easier than ever to rob because now all they got to defend them self with is melee weapon.

Same goes for people taking guns in public, get a extensive background search, and gun safety license, make a law for the caliber of the pistol and all that good shit. I mean yeah its little risky, but A lot of bad shit could be prevented if someone had a gun, because the police want always be there for you, sometimes your just fucked, and crook does not expect you to be packing, then bam all sudden the shit turns on him.

I do not know much about guns or gun laws but maybe just a little, and Im always up for a little debate, not arguing, debating.

That is all
Uploaded 08/26/2011
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