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In the past year, I've tried these 8 different kinds of medication in order to relieve my insomnia and constant waking in the night.  I will start left to right.

1) Acetaminophen PM (brand name Tylenol PM):  I tried this first.  It has a small dose of diphenhydromine HCl that is supposed to make you drowsy.  Results:  Drowsy, but still awake unless taken with copious amounts of alcohol (whole bottle of wine).


2) Diphenhydromine HCl (brand name Benadryl):  Second try.  Thought a higher dose would help.  Results:  drowsier, but still awake.  Also, sinuses much clearer, but pillowcase no longer clean.


3) Melatonin and herbs (brand name MidNite):  Decided to go natural, hoping for relaxing effect from herbs and natural chemical.  Results:  Major nightmares and horrible aftertaste.


4) Valerian Root and other natural substances (brand name Relax & Sleep):  Still trying natural, but this time with different ingredients.  Results:  Could barely swallow it because it smelled like a urinal or port-a-potty with really bad airfresheners trying to cover said smell, and gave no sleep relief.


5) Melatonin and natural extracts (brand name SleepFast):  Once again, trying to go natural.  Pill has been described by my husband as something out of The Matrix, since it's a clear casule with small, blue beads suspended in a clear liquid.  Results:  Vomitting most of the night, thus negating it's supposed ability to sleep.  Also, taking the blue pill resulted in no further knowledge of the world around me.


6) Acetaminophen, Dextromethorphan HBr and Doxylamine succinate (brand name NyQuil):  Husband's suggestion.  Result:  No effect on sleep, but my head cold seemed less severe.


7) Zolpidem (brand name Ambien):  First prescription drug tried.  Narcotic, controlled substance.  Results:  Quick to fall asleep and stay asleep, but with side effects of sending emails to people about jungles, trees, and hunting white stags.  Also resulted in calling my parents without realizing it, only to call the next day and have my dad tell me, "You sound better today.  Last night you were trashed!"  Unfortunately, effects were short lived as my body got used to it over a couple of weeks.


8) Eszopiclone (brand name Lunesta):  Final drug tried.  Results:  Able to fall asleep within half hour, stay asleep.  Unable, however to make it to bed if taken with alcohol.  End up passing out on computer room floor with husband painting my toenails.  Also shouldn't be taken before a hot shower.  Likelihood of passing out and cracking skull on side of tub increases exponentially.

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