Trials and Tribulations

Reading some of youre remarks about some of the things that i had been blogging about i can tell that a lot of you had also been through some trials and tribulations just like i had been gone through and you probably have a lot of things in comon with me eventhough we come from different places all around the world. But even just in america where we live even a little bit closer together than other people around the world we have a lot to learn from eachother, eventhough we live in a country with billions of people we still all seem to sort of get along even if we talk so bad about eachother on the internets. its so much easier to talk about someone when they arent face to face but i am sure if we met in real life we would be cool and not have anything bad to say about eachother and no matter what we thought the other person was thinking inside there head about politics or religion or anything else we thought was going inside there head. Ya i had a dad that wasnt there, Ya i did some bad things when i was young just to earn a dollar to feed my brothers because i was the oldest one and my mom wasnt there all that much often, Ya i did some things im not proud of but you know i did them and doing those things make me the person that it has made me today. and if anyone wants to say that that is a bad thing than you should just never go outside again because there are billions of people just like me in america alone so jump on the band wagon and lets all just get along!!!
Uploaded 02/28/2011
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