Trip to mcdonalds.

    The sidewalk was a scolding hot the kind of hot that reminds you just what time of year it is. An eagle soared through the air looking for a prey, though the day was to hot for any snake to even dare to slither out of it's home. I could hardly bare the heat but I had to go get myself some fresh mcdonalds's fries. Minutes felt like hours as I slowly but surely went step by step down the street.

        Finally I was at the greasy fast food trap that was known as mcdonalds, The place was intoxicated by the smell of burnt up grease slathered burger meat. Lard_infamous sat at the table eating dozens of angus burgers and gulping down vanilla shakes like there was no tommorow, It was my assumption that his blood was 90% milkshake. I was greeted by a young teenager who's face was bombarded with pimples, he asked " How may I help you?" I responded " I would like two orders of french fries. " He rang it up, and the total came up to 4.00$ I payed, than I sat and waited for my fries to arrive.

    Finally after about a five minute wait I got my fries, They were golden brown and had enough grease to make a mile long slip and slide. No longer could I wait, I finished them off in no time. As I walked out the door the cashier said "Have a nice day asshole!" I grabbed him by his shirt and drowned him in the deep fryer. I pulled his head out and the skin was completely burnt off of his face, I left his body in lard's stomach fat so he could rot and die.

Uploaded 09/01/2009
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