Troll-wife has been gone for days

Back when I thought I still had a wife, she dumped a ton of cash on System of a Down tickets.  I'm not a big fan, but I liked to see live music with her.  After my marriage went to crap, I lost my urge to do anything with her.  What's more, she never intended that I go and was buying that second ticket for somebody else.


Now that I'm fucking with her, I went up to her last Monday and told her I wasn't interested in going to the show.  I told her I was going to sell my ticket and asked if she knew anybody who'd buy it. 


"Uhhh... yeah, I think so.  I'll get the $125 to you if I find somebody."


"Oh, no, I looked them up on Craig's list.  They're going for $300 now.  I figure I'll sell mine for $250 just so I don't have to argue about price."


She sold both the tickets and went to the California show which wasn't sold out, keeping the extra cash to pay for her hotel.  She snuck out of the house when nobody was looking, didn't say goodbye to her kids, didn't tell them she was going to be gone for days, and fucked me on my child care.  She didn't tell me she was doing this, I figured it out on my own.


I had to go to a mandatory divorce parenting class on Saturday (which my wife blew off) and my daughter and I were going to a dessert tasting (that I already paid for) with Chef Jean-Claude Canestrier at the M Resort.








It's all you can eat.  My daughter has been jazzed about this for a while. 


My mother in law is sick, my sister in law is taking her daughter our for her birthday, and my brother in law is at his brother's house.  I'm going to dump my son off with him for a couple hours.  He has no love for the troll-wife (or his own for that matter) and has taken pity on me.  My son can sit there and play his Nintendo DS while they drink beer.  I figure that's still better child care than I'd get if troll-wife was watching him.


I'm torn between being please that troll-wife is cutting her own throat with repect to child custody in the divorce, extreme annoyance at her behavior and stealing my ticket, and disappointment that she's shitting on her children.


Maybe I'm wrong about what happened.  Maybe she's dead in a ditch somewhere.  Maybe one of the losers she picks up at dance clubs has murdered her because she's a cock-tease and a bitch.


One can only hope...

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