Troll-wife's revenge

Troll-wife withdrew all of the money from our bank account.  I have no money to buy groceries for the children.  She refuses to give me any of the money back to buy them food and suggests I use the credit card I use for legal expenses to buy them food.  While I'm talking to her about it, digging through our records of bills, I find my notice to renew my registration hidden in there.  When it arrived, she hid it and didn't tell me it had arrived.  Her unrenewed registration has been a hot topic of discussion for weeks, but she still says it slipped her mind.


When she came home a "lively" discussion ensued about her withdrawl of the money, her smug refusal to give me any money to buy groceries, her suggestion that I buy groceries with the credit card I use for legal expenses, and the unfortunate timing of me finding out about my expired registration.  Deep into the conversation, I see that she's surrepticiously videoing the entire exchange.  She's doing so in an effort to defend her lack of parenting by saying I harass her when she's home.


I've already communicated with my lawyer about it.  He suggests that we start "an aggressive campaign" against her.  I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds like what we need to do.


Fortunately I didn't raise my voice through the entire exchange.  I did, however, question the ethics of her behavior where my children might hear.

Uploaded 06/22/2011
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