Trolling: A Public Service

Pascho here, how's it going? Today I will be talking about trolls; are they a public service? Troll blogs do a simple thing: They find something which is quite obviously wrong and play it off, seemingly confidently, as their beliefs. Others come along and say "hey, that's bullshit!" and argue their point. Troll success; que troll satisfaction and maniacal giggling. The ins and outs of why people troll and the mentality that is required to continually troll to such an extent, has been covered in other blogs I have posted. This blog is how trolling could in fact be a good thing.

No one fights for what they believe in anymore. We are so used to governments telling us which countries to hate, which religions to be wary of. Media creates a war on a certain set of social groups or social demographic, to increase their ratings. Trolls bring it back to the basics, challenging our morality on the basics of right and wrong and in doing so, stirring up the fighting spirit that we are starting to lose these days.

In a morally grey world where a small percentage of the worldâs population hold an obscene percentage of the planetâs wealth. A world where the food that is produced is enough to make everyone on the planet obese, but that so many are starving; trolls make it a little more black and white and in doing so get peoples heads on straight about the simple things in life; making it more of a world where people are not thinking about whether a certain football team will make the finals or if they are going to buy the super massive TV set or the super doper massive TV set, but thinking about they are going to do to make poverty and suffering in the world stop.

On the other hand trolling has become popular which can make things worse. In a world where doing and saying horrible things to each other is cool, it weakens the gap between right and wrong. So today its acceptable to make someoneâs life a little harder for the sake of a laugh but tomorrow when someone takes it a step further? Then after that? Society shapes the minds of its younger members and in doing so, create monsters.

I guess there are two sides of the coin, one side that stirs the fighting spirit in people, making the strong minded stronger. And the other side, where it becomes socially acceptable, influencing peoples actions, making the weak minded weaker. I guess the only question is:

What side are you on?
Uploaded 10/09/2012
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