Lately there have been many so called, Trolls.  Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it just doesn't work out.   I've been wondering and thinking about what is a Troll?  Who are the posers? Who are the legitimate and best?

I am under the impression that trolling is when someone says something offensive, and someone else gets offended.  All the troll is trying to do is offend people.  They rarely have any connection or even opinion on the topic at hand... they simply try to stir things up.  If they are successful at offending people, without being recognized as a troll, they are successful, and then can gloat about their trolling abilities to other people. 

But what happens when a troll is somewhat connected to the topic?  Whether it be through repetitive attempts and failures at trolling, or by starting the topic off to begin with?  How does a troll separate him/herself from any real intellectual involvement?

My theory is that, trolls need to be dumb.  An intelligent person is drawn to a topic through their knowledge, and will debate one side or another.  The intelligent must be able to distinguish between right, wrong, and why, and be able to prove their conclusions.  I feel as though Trolls insert themselves, because they feel left out, and entitled to their input, but are unable to achieve success through intellectual debates, which leaves them to resort to external motives in order to protect themselves from either being trolled themselves, or seen as "stupid" or "immature".

I believe that a "good" troll is one who has external and alternate motives, but can still pass as an intelligent person who cares about the topic at hand.  It also depends on their victims.  A more skilled troll may target someone or a group who is not as easily offended by name calling and incredible/unreasonable insults, while amateur trolls will throw insults in every direction in the hopes of offending someone... which usually turns out to be someone of inferior or equal intelligence.

What happens when trolls are caught?  Well this is usually the result of a troll being questioned on their motives, and even understanding of the topic at hand.  To avoid this, many trolls will resort to name calling. If this does not achieve the offense they are after, they will retreat, often leaving the would be victim with "I was just trolling... I can't believe you fell for it.... you bore me.... I don't want to talk to you anymore".  This is no surprise.  Trolls are not allowed to show weakness... they would rather expose themselves as a troll than to admit defeat.   This is primative human nature.  Many people, especially those incapable of critical problem solving, will resort to the "Fight or Flight" behavior to avoid both physical and psychological conflict.  So it only makes sense for someone incapable of fighting to flea.

I believe this structure can be applied to all trolls, especially the ones who claim to have the best trolling abilities.  I invite any troll to PROVE me wrong...
Uploaded 11/09/2010
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