TRON's History

I saw a couple blogs on TRON earlier and see that they haven't dug quite far enough.  One the scrolls found under the foot of the Sphinx in Egypt describes the story of TRON.  It indicates that the scroll was a gift to the Pharaoh from a civilization from beyond the stars who had heads like cats but walked like men.    The Pharaoh was fascinated by the scroll never having heard of such amazing things and offered them 72 virgins, a thousand slaves, and the cat-like leader's weight in gold for the scroll.

When the leader got back to his ship with his goods, he snickered at how you could just quickly scribble down some crap on an old goat skin and trade it to the foolish Earthlings for precious riches.  One of the newly traded slaves overheard this remark and escaped and passed it down through generations of his family until finally one of his descendants embarked for a trip to find India and landed in America.  Remembering this story, he decided to offer the natives of America some colored beads in trade, which they ate up just like the Pharaoh did.

This kind of marketing has been used for nefarious means since the beginning of trade.  Find something that is totally worthless and build up a story around it and trade it for something of value.  After all, look how much you have to pay now to go see the NEW TRON.
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