trouble at the gym.

Test, Decca, Dianabol, and whey protein, Thats what I mix with my cereal every morning after a long night of bitchfucking and beta-male punching. However last night was different, It started out normal, I woke up in the morning to my hummers ear piercing alarm. I don't use normal alarm clocks like a beta-male faggot, Instead I have my hummer designed for it's car alarm to go off at exactly 9:00 a.m. every single morning. So that I can jump out of my bed and immediately deadlift my hummer until it is at a 45 degree angle to turn off the car alarm(Just like arnold in Twins Ujelleh?). My morning went completely normal, than for lunch I had 3 jars of peanut butter and I washed it down with a barrel of patron, Why? BECAUSE I AM A FUCKING ALPHA MALE AND I LIVE OFF OF TESTOSTERONE, PATRON, AND PROTEIN! After finishing my lunch I made my way to the gym and witnessed something completely unacceptable. 3 JAPANESE ECTOMORPHS ON MY FUCKING SQUAT RACK ATTEMPTING TO DO CHIN UPS, I WAS IMMEDIATELY REPULSED BY THE SITE OF THOSE SCRAWNY RATS SWINGING AROUND ON MY FUCKING SQUAT RACK LIKE IT WAS FUCKING MONKEY BARS. AS SOON AS EVERYONE SAW ME IN THE GYM THEY IMMEDIATELY DROPPED THERE WEIGHTS AND BOWED THERE HEADS. BUT THOSE LITTLE FAGGOT ASIANS CONTINUED TO DO CHIN UPS ON MY FUCKING RACK LIKE IT WAS PLANET FITNESS. I IMMEDIATELY COULD TELL THAT THEY WERE NEW HERE, I STOMPED MY WAY TOWARDS THEM AND GRABBED ALL THREE OF THEM BY THERE SCRAWNY LITTLE NECKS WITH ONE HAND. I WAS OVERFLOWED WITH PURE RAGE SO I DECIDED TO SUBJECT THEM TO THE ULTIMATE PUNISHMENT. I REACHED FOR THE NEAREST STRAIGHT BAR AND THREW 2 OF THE ASIANS FACE FIRST INTO A WALL AND SHOVED ONE SIDE OF THE STRAIGHT BAR INTO EACH OF THERE ASSHOLES AND BEGAN TO DO CURL UPS WITH THE BAR AFTER FINISHING MY 500TH REP I GRABBED THE THIRD LITTLE FAGGOT AND GAVE HIM AND ASSHOLE SPLITTING WEDGIE AND PUT HIM IN A HEADLOCK, AS SOON AS I FLEXED MY BICEPS HIS EYES POPPED OUT OF HIS SOCKETS, I TOOK HIS EYES AND THREW THEM IN A BLENDER MIXING THEM WITH MILK, PATRON, AND WHEY PROTEIN AND ENJOYED THE GREATEST POST WORKOUT SHAKE OF MY LIFE.
Uploaded 02/04/2012
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