True Love

I've been sick lately, just a touch of the cold, or the flu, or whatever it is. Congestion, headache, that kinda thing. Can't smell anything, can't taste anything, and I have a general feel-like-crap vibe.So here we are, seven days later. And sparks is one hungry guy. So what does he eat? Really, the decisions are endless. Being unable to taste anything, especially for so long, really puts a damper on any hint of appetite. Steak, Prime Rib, cheap hamburger...they all have the same taste to me now. So why not go for the cheapest, greasiest "food" around?


That's right. I went to McDonalds. And that, friends, is where I found it. True Love.


There was a long line, and my stomach was gurgling. And already, the multitude of victuals I could order ran through my head. Normally, yea, I'd stick with my usual: double cheeseburger with ketchup and mustard only. But when you can't taste, why not experiment?


I decided to push my diverse palette to the limit: Chicken nuggets.


I remember hearing somewhere that there are chunks of meat from over 100 different chickens in each single nugget. How appetizing. Hell, since we're experimenting, why don't I get a strawberry shake, too? I figured it would feel pretty good on my throat.


I get back to my apartment, and get ready to eat. Of course, I can't taste the chicken nuggets. I'm probably lucky.


But then something wonderful happened. I took a drink of the shake...and was instantly drawn deep into the beautiful, enchanting taste of deliciousness. My God, was it beautiful as that heavenly flavor drew me deep into it's embrace, like no woman (aside from Webb) ever could. I knew I had found my true love at last.


And then, just like that, it was gone.

Uploaded 02/25/2010
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