Try to refute this. You can't.

I dare you to prove this wrong. I triple dog dare you all.
Evolution is false. You know why? There is absolutely NO PROOF at all!! You think your ancestors were a bunch of gorillas? Think again. No intelligent person would ever believe in such a foolish theory!
To begin with, there was no human civilization before 4000 BC. The Bible recorded every single thing regarding the Ancient Eras, including the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. You can't even find much information that were around 2500 BC, because that's when the Noah's Ark occurred. There was no recorded information before 4000 BC, simply because civilizations did not exist! There goes your evolution!
Also, the bones do not contribute anything to evolution. Dinosaur fossils only prove that they just existed; it does not prove that living beings evolved. And the human fossils were modern men, because bone shapes vary by race. For example, African pelvises were more inclined to curve more than the other races did. Do you now see how The Bible is concise? You think this historical precision is all just a coincidence?!
Okay then, Atheists, that probably was not enough to convince you because you are all too arrogant. The Bible was written by 40 different people to prove that what happened was true. Now, saying that this was untrue would be like saying that the Holocaust did not happen.
And if you're going to say that it is not possible for God to exist, then think again! Life can only come from another form of life. You may try to refute and ask "Where did God come from?" But the thing is that if you go by that logic, you may as well ask "Where did the creator of God come from? Where did the creator of the creator of God come from? Where did the creator of the creator of the creator of God come from?" and so on. You would be in this endless line. For this very reason, God is eternal and he created everything.
He created time, space, and matter. And if you're going to bring up the law of conservation of matter, then think again! By "He created matter", it means that he had his energy and he passed it on to make his creation. It's not like he created matter out of the blue! He had all that matter in himself. He created the Earth in a week, and on the seventh day, he rested. And God rested because he was tired from creating Earth, which implies that he used his energy. And energy = mass.
"Seek,and ye shall find." Matthew 7:7
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