TSA vs Illegal Immigration

There's a big feud heating up in Texas over TSA groping and illegal immigration.  Rick Perry wants the TSA to stop groping people and get down to the border and defend the border wall.  While I agree that the TSA needs to stop groping, being unreasonable search and seizure just like corporations demanding blood and urine without cause, I also remember that we told Gorbachev to, "tear down this wall."

If it weren't for the jobs, the illegals wouldn't be here except for maybe a few who have family here, perhaps. There are legal methods for entering the country and there are work permits. They can apply for a green card.

My Mexican neighbor across the street entered the country legally and he dislikes the illegals coming in and being able to run businesses illegally. They undercut his bids because they also hire illegals and don't pay taxes. It might be a good idea to make them citizens once they enter the country and make them pay taxes like the rest of us to support the social programs they use. I don't think it's right to starve them and make them go without medical treatment, but they can pay taxes to support what they receive like the rest of us.

In Texas City, as long as I worked there (since 1972), the oil companies and chemical plants would hire illegals as construction workers and had a bar set up a block away where they could go at the end of the work week and call immigration on themselves to get a free ride back to Mexico to visit their families. They'd be back the next week.

A big problem with construction workers who don't understand English is that they can't understand what you tell them. As part of my job, I had to supervise any construction that was on my unit and if there was a leak or a spill, I'd have to go and tell the construction workers to stop working or to evacuate. If the guy who spoke Spanish wasn't there, they couldn't understand what I was saying. If they were welding or doing any kind of digging that could create sparks, that could cause a fire or explosion. If they were down in the ground, the gas could have deprived them of oxygen and killed them. It's not only bad because the companies don't pay them a fair wage and displace legal workers, it's also bad because it's dangerous.

The TSA needs to stop groping and the US needs to stop building walls.  People don't need to be groped and walls don't need to be built.  If you want to stop the illegal immigration, go after the businesses who hire illegals.

I should probably note that Perry supported all the Republican bills that took our liberty in the name of safety from terrorism.

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." ~ Benjamin Franklin


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