Two Thoughts on Religion

     Sorry if you guys are getting tiered of the religion blogs, but you shouldn't of clicked if you didn't want to read it. Recently a group called "Young Life" has been meeting at my home every Monday. The group is a Christian based youth hangout consisting of high schoolers. My sister volunteered our house, and our parents agreed to host the meetings. This Monday I decided to attend the meeting that consisted of: 30 minutes of socializing, singing 3 songs (with guitar projector and all), a stupid skit, and a short 10 min message; all over seen by a couple college kids.

     During the message given by a twenty something Christian college student, something she said made me wonder about a few things. She was talking about how the Bible and the empty tomb were all the proof she needed to believe in God and his Word. If that is proof for her, what makes the Koran false? What makes the Hindu Upanishads false? What about those here  who believe in a certain religion? Is all the proof you need your Holy Book of choice, or do you see proof in something else?

     Secondly, I've heard Christians say "God is victorious", or "He will defeat the Devil". Below is a chart of world religions, and the percentage of people that fallow that religion:

Chart did not work. Go here and click on the first picture on the right:

     As you can see there Christians make up  33% of the population. That means you think 67% of the population is going to Hell for not fallowing the Bible. Even more if you think other branches of Christianity are going to Hell for not fallowing your exact brand. This does not sound like "victory" to me at all. If the Bible is so true, why does a super majority not believe in it?

     Thoughts and dissent is always welcome.

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