Tyaeda and the Playoffs

Im sure youre all wondering how an awesome guy like me takes an interest in tyaeda. She has way too many opinions, acts like a guy, wont wear 8 inch heels on cam, talks shit about neko. Theres almost nothing cool about her. But then it becomes obvious tyaeda has hot bitch syndrome. She knows shes hot so she acts like a total bitch to every guy that hits on her, and for some messed up reason im into that. Her being a stuck up piece of ass is her hottest quality, and she blocked me too which is like the biggest turn on ever. And about the canucks, what a joke that team has become. Playoff choke artist pieces of shit. If you had to bet on 1 team to make it to the second round (and I did) you would have picked these idiots. They dont deserve to live. If youre looking to score some fast cash tho, start putting it all on the predators. Ive been watching this team pretty hard for about 2 months now, and theyre going to make it to the conference finals at least. Upset team of the year no doubt.

Uploaded 04/16/2012
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