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I have an extensive and ever-growing CD collection.  Yes, a psychical, tangible, collection of real music.  I support the artists I love and the people who bring it to my ear holes.  Recently, my husband and I have begun collecting Concert Posters.  We go to shows regularly, and we've even dedicated the largest bedroom of the home we're moving into as "The Jam Room".   Music is a HUGE part of our lives, and our taste in music was the "make it or break it" aspect of our relationship.   Although we have our differences, we are in agreement on one thing;  Mainstream music is shit. 
Unfortunately, radio has long limited our exposure to audio artwork by playing the same fucking songs over and over.  Sometimes the songs are great, but hearing them everyday on every channel is extremely annoying.   Every time I hear someone's request for Nickleback I want to find those people and jab sharp pointy objects into their misused ear cavities, but not before I rashly explain their lack of good taste. Since such a thing is illegal, I've simply boycotted the air waves.  However, I know these people are still out there, and that there are other people who long for something new - and decent.  
The music of, especially, today is mostly market ploy.  It's shocking to know that there is noise out there that involves no instruments - not even the vocals are authentic.  More shocking is the fact that people buy that shit AND listen to it.  They call them "songs", and "artists" which makes me want to throw up, and find pointy sharp objects.... 
I have found that the boycott is not satisfying enough, and I feel obligated to share my knowledge of sound, and give publicity (no matter how small) to the real artists that actually deserve it. So, every Friday you can expect the newest edition of Ty's Tunes.   A new series of blogs showcasing the music I enjoy, and not a wall of text - I promise.   Yeah, I know this blog is lengthy, but after I explain my plans here, the rest of the series will have far less worded. 
I'm doing this for the masses, and not just the people who need a taste-adjustment.  If you like music, like I like music, you'll welcome my blogs as a way to discover music you may not have heard before.  I also welcome you to send titles my way, because I'm always up for it. 
Each week will have a different theme.  As an introduction to my new series, I'd like to start with songs from the shows I went to in 2012. 

The first band I went to see in 2012 was Tool.  A band most have heard of, and one of my all time personal fav's.  You may have even heard of this song, not knowing it's true meaning.  Thanks to this youtube user, you can see the lyrics and a brief explanation of their meaning.  I am not nearly smart enough to know whether any of it is fact, but never the less, it's thought provoking... something you won't get from a Lady Gaga tune.

 Ok, so Cheech and Chong are not really known for their music as much as their comedy.  However, this song is better than a lot of the shit out there today, and can even be considered a classic.  I had the honor of seeing my all time doobie heros on April 19th - the day before 4:20.  No amount of marijuana use will ever make me forget how awesome that day was!

Switching gears a bit to a song by  Fiona Apple, who is one of my all time favourite female musicians.  She shows that certain "soul" that's hard to find in today's shit, and is extremely talented as a vocalist, song writer, and pianist.... all of which is also hard to find now-a-days, especially all in one tiny person.

Unfortunately this is the only version of this song that I can find on youtube. It doesn't do it justice... in fact The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion cannot be justly represented by any video.  Because I've never heard a song I didn't like by them, it's hard to choose which one to show you.  So I just went with "Bernie" which happens to be my nickname.   If you're going to see any band live, this is THE one to see.  My husband and I went to see them, general admission, in a small pub called The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto.  We mutually agree that this was the best days of our lives, easily trumping our first date and even wedding.  Yes, it was that fucking good.  I was so close that Jon Spencer either spit or dripped sweat on me.  I'm not one for coming into contact with a stranger's bodily fluids, but I make exceptions for my all time idols. 

If I were to choose one band to demonstrate my opinion on music it would be Death From Above 1979.  They consist of a bass player and a drummer - that is all.  They prove that you don't need a million instruments to make GOOD music.   Although they were awesome live, I must warn anyone planning to see them of the audience consisting of mostly teens and young adults.  We made the mistake of going to an all ages show, and involuntarily ended up in multiple mosh pits. Despite being hit in the eye by someone's stray limb, it was totally worth going to see. 

Last but not least, we went to see The Super Friendz (with a Z), which turned out to be my second favourite concert of 2012.    Of all the artists I've listed here, this is probably the one you've never heard of.  They're Canadian, putting out most of their music in the 90's during the Halifax Pop Explosion.  In the midst of their popularity, my husband and his high school garage band opened up for them.  I didn't think much of it until I went to see them live, and now I'm all like "My husband opened for these guys once!"  and I must admit I love him more because of it.  

Well that concludes this week's episode of Ty's Tune.  Tune in for next week's blog - Oldies but Goodies. 

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