UFC 101 Declaration horrible

ok so i just got home from watching UFC 101. this was the worst shit ever. im glad i didnt pay fucking $45 for that pile. the first two fights were both 3 rounds of one guy taking the other guy down and laying on top for the rest of the round.

pellegrino literally took Neer down in the first minute of all three rounds and just made sure he couldnt get up. why the ref didnt stand them up, because neither was gaining ground, is beyond me. pellegrino won unanimous dec.

in the next fight was a little livlier but still sucked. kendall grove was held against the fence the entire first round by Recardo Almeida. next round Almeida took grove to the ground. thrid round two or three takedowns by almeida. Almeida won unanimous dec.

the third fight was a great fight but i cant recall who fought. it went back and forth and was a good stand up fight.

oklahoman Amir Sadollah knocked Johnny hendricks outt in the first 20 seconds of the first round.

Now we get to Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin. this was the fight that most people, encluding myself, was looking forward to. i thought it would be 2-3 hard faught rounds by forrest with anderson submitting him. in the first 30 seconds of the fight, it was painfully obvious that silva was BY FAR the better fighter. Silva was playing with griffin. for example: anderson offered to help griffin up after he was knocked to the ground. it ended with one of the most embarassing KOs i think ive ever seen. griffin was hurt and in survival mode two minutes into the fight and while throwing slow, looping hooks, was was jabbed by silva while lazily stepping back avoiding his punches. it was embarassing to me as a fan of griffin... and i dont understand why he ran like a girl out of the octagon as soon as he woke up. this was the first time ive seen silva being a cocky punk, and he did it throught the entire fight... Anderson Silva was by far my favorite fighter before tonight, now i cant stand him

the last fight of the night was by far the best fight of the night. BJ Penn dominated Kenny Florian for 4 rounds before taking Florian down, first attempt btw and submitted him with a rear necked choke

this was by far the worst ufc event ive ever watched and ive seen quite a few of them.

did anyone else think the same as me? Comment if you think differently because i want to know how this wasnt as horrible as i thought.


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