Just a small reminder to anyone happening upon this blog, the University of Kentucky men's college basketball team is historically the most dominant men's college basketball team ever. Arguements can be made for UCLA, Indiana, North Carolina and Possibly Duke. I'll dispute them. First Duke. They beat us in '92 and that shot forever plays over and over especially at tourney time but that's their only shining moment. All time series records shows an edge for Kentucky 11 wins to 6 losses. Also 7 national titles to 3. Second Indiana, same deal. Kentucky has more national titles, more NBA Draftees, more wins etc... As for UNC The comparisons go as follows All time wins? #1 UK #2 UNC. 7 titles to 4 favoring Kentucky, Kentucky owns the series record not to mention Kentucky has been more historically dominant. as is the case with UCLA. UCLA may have 11 championships but most came in a ten year period. No doubt serious violations were probably never caught. Can't say anything bad about Wooden. Anyways, 11 to 7 is a good arguement for them but they've been insignificant historically except that period and here recently. UK has won titles in '48, '49, '51, '58, '78, '96 and '98. Which coupled with the fact that UK also has all time wins, highest winning percentage, etc... over them proves that in college basketball look no furthers than the University of Kentucky's men's basketball team for a true measure of dominance.

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