Ulcerative Colitis

I have ulcerative colitis. I need 120 pills a month to not piss blood out of my ass. W/o health insurance each month my bill would be $657 for meds alone. The following is an email I sent to Shire, Lialda's manufacturer, asking for help with the medical expense of Lialda.

To Whom It May Concern,

 I do not know if you are the right person for me to be contacting as this is in regards to financial assistance for Lialda. I would really appreciate it if you could please forward this to the appropriate department. Thank you in advance.

 I was diagnosed with UC in July 2007. Lialda was the first drug I tried and has worked relatively well. I am prescribed 4 Lialda daily, which makes me appear to be a Lialda junkie of some kind. I think junkies are homeless though so I am still safe for now. I have a full time job and pay my way for everything. My boss cannot (chooses not to) provide me with health insurance, so I have to pay that monthly as well. Every month when I refill my script it costs me $100, even with stupid health insurance. If I go off Lialda I will have a flare up within a few days and not be able to work, jeopardizing my employment. I don't love my job but if I lose it I won't be able to pay all these people who send me letters every month. Please don't reply recommending me to pick up a copy of "The Secret". I am a firm believer in things like, common sense. (Side note: The hyperlink that follows this is a famous review of "The Secret". You will be happy you read it, youre welcome. )

 The last two months I have had to give up paying my credit card bill to pay for Lialda, and having to use my credit card to pay for the Lialda anyways, and now Im skiing down the slippery slope of debt faster than Amy Winehouse's transformation to a skeleton. (Side note: "Cocaine is a hell of a drug" -Rick James )

 Sorry, I get sidetracked due to another setback, ADHD. Luckily, my doctor prescribed me the miracle drug known as Adderall, to help me be a better cubicle worker. Dont worry though I would never pick Adderall over your Lialda, I am more loyal to you. Also, without you I am miserable. It's true.

 So here's the punch line, I would like some information regarding qualifications for financial assistance with my monthly Lialda expense. I know that Barry Obama promised change but I dont see this prioritizing over the mess we are in. Shire, would you be my bailout?

 Thank you again; I hope you take this seriously.  The rising debt of a single, 24 year old, Caucasian, male with a career and UC (not contagious) could be slowed with your help.

 Yours forever,



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